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Tickets are going fast to the official Cosplay Deviants party during Dragon Con. Get your tickets and spend a Night on the Grid with your favorite Deviants!

I’m still surprised that my first time touching a pole and giving it a spin (and being in tall stiletto’s pumped with liquid courage) didn’t end in death just some bruises, haha.

Dragon Con is a really good time though, and the Tron theme at the party will be bad ass, I really want to go but not sure I can afford it this year :(. 

I hope lots of fun is had though!


Have you always wanted to become a model for CosplayDeviants, like porphyriasuicide? Well what are you waiting for? We’ve been waiting for you to apply! Come join our family and get paid to cosplay! Next thing you know, this could be you on our page!Just click here:

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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Have you always wanted to become a model for CosplayDeviants, like porphyriasuicide? Well what are you waiting for? We’ve been waiting for you to apply! Come join our family and get paid to cosplay! Next thing you know, this could be you on our page!

Just click here:


Me and the rest of the lovely event team for the Cosplay Deviants booth at Gen Con! I am so excited to hang out with these ladies and have fun at one of my most favorite cons. Be sure to come by booth 2037 and meet us:

Some of the other ladies include:
Madison Valentine
Sally Sparrow Cosplay / Alt Model Shodan 
Vivid Vivka
Envy Us Deviant

And don’t miss our events on Friday and Saturday night including Dub that Hentai and our first ever Dungeons and Deviants Party! 





guys remember when Lemony Snicket filled an entire page with evers? 



I do.

Who cares about the page filled with evers? Lemony Snicket just made two whole pages black.


He don’t give a shit.

And that time he repeated an entire passage about deja vu to give the reader deja vu


What a serious of unnecessary events

I love whimsy like this.

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Anonymous asked:

so you got back together with your abusive ex?

Oh yay the internet has an opinion about someone elses relationship ::spins finger:: I don’t need to justify who I love to anyone…. 

He may have pushed me in submission / pain / limits sense further then I was ok with sooner then I was ready for and then reacted very poorly to my fear and didn’t listened to me and it bordered on abuse… but it’s been nearly a decade of us both being able to grow to be much better partners in that time.

I made mistakes of my own, I didn’t communicate my fears, my limits, or my thoughts bravely. In learning to be ok with myself more, know myself more, have my own voice, and be able to have that autonomy, I am able to as a full person belong to him, and not as someone weak and afraid of myself or my wants.

But slowly as friends we’ve been able to see that we are healthy for each other and love each other, that we understand and feel regret for how deeply we’ve hurt each other. I feel more happy, loved, desired, cherished, adored, lusted, needed, wanted, and precious, then I ever have in my entire life, and it’s by the only person I have ever been able to completely believe I belonged to, and it is incomparable, it is incredible. No feeling for him has ever been or will ever be mild, or luke warm, or questionable, it’s always burned hot for years, and never stopped, I have never known anything like it.

I am so glad we were able to grow enough in time and due to the people and experiences in our lives that helped round us to no longer be harmful to each other but to be supportive and loving and be a thermodynamic miracle, the every single bit of satisfaction we ever couldn’t even  dream to experience. I honestly feel blessed for the stars to have aligned in such a way that we have become who we are now, and that we are able to experience a unparalleled compatibility.

The only abuse he does to me now is the consensual kind, and that’s more use then abuse. Also the best sex I have ever fathomed, like next level shit, like twin flame mother fucking mind meld sex. Being THAT in sync and into a person is a incredible, bordering on spiritual, thing.

 I am kind of ranting a lot…

If the stars all align and I’m able to get the costume from the amazing Kiss Me Kill Me in time here is a hint (some props that will also hopefully will get here in time for me to modify) about two costumes I’m looking forward to having at Gencon! Any guesses (if you have lurked me a while you may know :p)… Anyone else going to be there!?



Left is the new Wonder Woman. Being deemed still too skinny and frail.
Right is Kacy Catanzaro, the first female to advance to the finals of American Ninja. Considered strong and inspiring to female athletes.
Stop assuming someone is weak based off your closed minded ignorant ideals.

People are just retarded and think size ALWAYS equals strength.

I saw Kacy’s run on the show just yesterday with my 7 year old niece Lexi (who I am happy to say totally idolizes her) and I was full on cheering by the end! She’s my role model too now, she’s the coolest, the first woman to beat the coarse ever and she’s the compact little 5ft 100 lbs bad ass. Uhg such awesome.

I also might have cried alittle when her super proud coach/boyfriend climbed the terrace all romeo style to congratulate her.


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